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Monday, June 04, 2012

No Direction Home Festival Mural

I'll be creating a live mural drawing and painting whilst at 'No Direction Home' festival from Friday 8th - Sunday 10th June 2012. I've made my own adjustable panoramic canvas out of six deep box canvases so I can move it around, adjust it's perspective, and add extra smaller canvases during the three days I'll be drawing/painting on it. A bit like real life field Tetris with paint and really loud music all around. Below are some photos and notes about how I created the structure:

I attached brass hinges to the horizontal surfaces which join together to create strength, and also so I can fold the vertical panels down when I need to carry them. I attached bent mirror plates to the vertical surfaces which interlock with black 'Japanned roundhead' wood screws to create rigidity. I also screwed four sets of chrome 'gate hook and eyes' into the top and bottom corner joins so the whole structure is freestanding and strong enough for me to draw/paint on.

In the picture left I was trying out drawing on a mini box canvas with some different coloured Posca and Artline pens. The colours didn't really show up in that photo but it was a fun 15 minute experiment.
To the festival I'm taking lots of mini canvases and nice colourful pens to draw with. I'm also taking various coloured acrylics, brushes, and I will be provided with a large sheet of fabric and fabric paints.

In the photo above I'd nearly finished drilling and attaching hinges, hooks and adjusted mirror plates.

Completed back of the mural!

This is the front view of the completed box canvas mural before I draw all over it next Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 'No Direction Home' festival.


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