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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sneakypeek Interview

Here's a Sneakypeek interview about what inspires me and how I create my work:

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Drawing Lights...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Acupuncture T-shirts and Shoes

Last Summer I won first place in an Acupuncture clothing competition and the main prize was to have my designs published onto a range of t-shirts and unisex shoes, which are now available to buy in Acupuncture shops.

I submitted the illustrations below, applied in various ways to t-shirt and trainer templates to demonstrate where and how the artwork could be positioned on the products:

The brief was to create artwork which could be tailored for use on a t-shirt or shoes or both. The theme was: 'The essence of London: What is the spirit, character and feeling that London as a city evokes? We would like to know from artists what London means to them through their art. We certainly feel that the attitude of Acupuncture (Be Yourself, Cool Rebellion, Crazy, Energy, Music) are also rooted in London, is it the same for you?"

When creating the Acupuncture illustrations I thought about the many adventures I've experienced whilst visiting London. I live in Cheshire but I regularly visit London and each time I travel down on the train I feel a mixture of emotions - excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and I always seem to have an endless amount of energy. I visualisedwhat London means to me through the t-shirt and shoe designs I created for the competition.

Deep Blue Sea

My main inspiration when creating the 'Deep Blue Sea' illustration was the music industry and how the people involved in making music have such a huge impact on the city. I drew a crazy, fearless musical fish monster to represent the ideathat big music label fish lurk and search for little musician fishes in the soupy ocean of underground music venues in order to capture, finely tune, amplify and release their music through their gramophone and butterfly wing heads.

The hypnotic gnashing teeth represent that some characters can seem intimidating and hungry for what they can gain from people, but they may also be trying to open positive doors represented by the door nose. The aperture left eye relates to photography and how there are so many interesting sights in London which people want to capture with their cameras. The squiggle brain illustrates how your brain feels overloaded with information and inspiration when you visit London.

I represented the spirit and essence of the city by drawing a plug at the end of the seaweed vine to suggest that you can plug into many forms of entertainment, and how it's easy to feel creatively involved when walking round many parts of the city. I also wanted to visualise the sense of individuality and rebellion through the teeth appearing to have cut free from a fishing line. The combination of bright colours represents how the city always feels exciting, freeing, unrestrictive and there seems to be so much diversity within peoples personalities and the way they dress.


I drew the 'Antidotes' illustration to represent the inspiring, invigorating and uplifting essence of London, and how visiting it always makes my mind feel refreshed and full of news ideas. London feels like an exciting magical world where you can go to escape and rejuvenate your ability to be creative.

The t-shirts and shoes displayed below feature my artwork and are currently being sold in Acupuncture shops in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines.

You can find my designs in the Acupuncture collection at this web address:

There was also a magazine article published recently about the winning designs which you can see in the news section of the Acupuncture website: http://www.acupuncturefootwear.com.hk/eng/#/news

Monday, June 06, 2011

World Drawing Day

This weekend it was world Drawing Day (Saturday and Sunday). So I decided I'd create a couple of illustrations. On Saturday I drew the illustration below and submitted it to the Drawing Day website so it'll hopefully be selected and published in their 2011 book. Here's the web link: http://www.drawingday.org/gallery/2439.

This illustration is called ‘Tin Can Palace’ and I drew it whilst sitting next to a river where an old floating hotel used to be. It was recently demolished so now all that's left are the large steel vertical poles which the hotel used to be attached to, some scraps of wood and building pieces in the water, sections of metal fence poles on the edge of the path and lots of plants where the area has completely grown over.

I took the photo below from where I was sitting whilst drawing the picture:

The idea for the drawing was inspired by the rubbish left dotted around in the water. I imagined that a huge creature had eaten the building in order to make a space for itself to create it's own palace made from old tin cans and scraps of roof and wood. I also had in mind that it could be a palace for the queen of the river so I included details such as a crown, jewels, telescope eyes which are for watching over the river inhabitants, fish hook eye brows, a fish fin turret and a sun shade umbrella made from empty crisp packets.

I created another illustration on the Sunday called 'Mr Moostashio' (pictured above) and I also submitted this for inclusion into the book. The idea behind this drawing is a mad hatter called Mr Moostashio who carries all his belongings in his giant moustache. He has a pet cat called Eris who loves Catnip and dancing, a giant unhappy pocket watch as he can never keep track of the time, a miniature globe as he loves travelling and going on adventures, lots of cake and tea as he loves going to tea shops, soup and pizza as he likes those too, some other items and he also seems to attract lots of birds who like flying around him singing which he doesn't mind as he loves the sound of music.

Here's the web link to the illustration: http://www.drawingday.org/gallery/2614. Mr Moostashio is a character I've been developing for a couple of years and I've recently been including him into short stories: http://www.creaturemag.com/the-shadow-catcher-pt4-by-nikki-pinder and on to hand-painted t-shirt designs:

Catching The Butterfly

This is a new piece of work I've created for a theatre poster and promotional postcard design. The play is called 'Known Unto God' and it's set during the World War One conflict. This artwork is based around a character in the play called Harry, who is a bandaged soldier and is being punished for having symptoms of shell shock. The image was created with various scraps of old book pages, textured papers and found images, Indian ink, charcoal and graphite on heavy weight cartridge paper.