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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Night Walker

This is a short story I wrote last winter, called 'The Night Walker'...

Wandering through the streets at night,
The Nightwalker's eyes adjust to the bright moon light.
Trees cast shadows which look like claws,
Scratching and crawling on old wooden doors.

I illustrated the story inside an old 1940's cigarette box with black fineliner. I also created a miniature background set and base to display it on. This was constructed from thick mount board card on which I first sketched out a lose design in pencil, cut out the shapes with scissors and a craft knife, and then I painted all the surfaces with 3 coats of opaque black Indian ink.

Here are a few photos of the drawing process, completed set and illustrated box:

You can see lots more photos of the making process here:


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