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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Downtown.gr Article

Here's an article which has been written about my artwork in Downtown.gr magazine: http://www.downtown.gr/ar8ra_t
exnis/en_sta_soureal_sxedia_tis_nikki_pinder.html It's a Greek site, a city guide with lots of international news and alternative articles. This is the article translated into English...

surreal plans Nikki Pinder
Anna Paparizou • 22/04/2011

An English pop artist combines the surrealism of modern expressionism, and enjoys the chaotic result.

Nikki Pinder from Cheshire, England spoke to www.downtown.gr for the art project and future artistic projects.

You're an illustrator, designer and artist... scary insane.

What is your main material?

I love experimenting with new materials so I never stick to using the same for too long, but at the moment it's dipping pens with Indian ink on textured Cartridge paper, and black fineliners on bright white Bristol Board. It suits the way I'm currently working as by drawing in black I can add colour and texture later on the computer and create many different versions of a drawing to find the desired colour combination. Also, I've found that drawing in ink or pencil allows me to work anywhere I choose as I don't need to carry much to work that way - just a few pens of different nib thicknesses, some paper or a sketchbook, a pencil, rubber and that's pretty much it!

I love working whilst on the train on the way to places and I also love working in cafe's as you experience so many different sounds, sights and smells. I can sit in a new place each day and create a whole new piece of artwork by drawing in black ink and the image will be inspired by that unique experience.

What is your method?

My method is to sketch out and scribble down roughly what I want a finished illustration or design to look like in terms of it's concept and content, and then I will work in a suitable way to create the desired finished effect. This will nearly always involve working with several different materials such as inks, black finalisers, pencils, charcoal, graphite, old paper from books, acrylics and whatever else I can find or think of to work with to make the image interesting and to create the effect I have in my mind. I could say though that aside from clean drawn illustrations which I create for projects such as book and magazine illustration, my method is to have no fixed method as I love to experiment and I like to let my environment, mood, and imagination inspire and have an effect on how the piece of artwork evolves.

Everywhere I travel I collect things to use in my work - some bought such as old books, stamps, coins, photos and postcards, but mostly I like to look for bits and pieces within natural environments such as forests, mountains and along rivers. Such as interesting looking old twigs and stones, leaves, old washed up bottles, colourful berries, petals, ferns and pieces of flora and fauna which have fallen onto the ground. I often incorporate the items I find into my work in some way by drawing, painting or collaging with a photo of them, drawing, stamping and mark making with them, and I sometimes do things like crush materials down to make a paste so I can work with them as an ink to create interesting new colours and textures.

How would you characterize your art in a few words?

Drawing, experimental, collage, texture, interesting, mechanical, characters and imaginative.

How would you categorize your style?


What are your influences in life that have influenced your art?

The many adventures I go on, nature, the changing seasons and all the colours and textures we experience and see during each year, peoples passions, stories and the way people express themselves differently. Oh and I love films, taking photographs of everything which interests me, wandering round antiques shops for hours, Time Team, Antiques Roadshow, and I think my biggest love in life has to be going to gigs and music festivals as I love meeting new people and they inspire me so much!

Which artists have inspired and influenced your creations?
Jon Burgerman - He's so prolific and his work is so fun to look at! Tara Mcpherson - I love the characters in her comics, the colours she uses, and the dark elements within her work. Laurie Lipton - I think she creates incredible and fascinating mind blowing drawings. Jeff Soto - I love all the textures, colours and interesting characters within his paintings. Edward Gorey - His small story books with crosshatched drawings always inspire me and I love his dark humour. John Tenniel - I love Punch magazine cartoons and the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I also admire John Casey, Lori Field, Dan May, Thinkmule, Jason Limon and Colin Johnson.

What do you plan for the future? And do you have planned any exhibitions ahead? Where?

I'm hopefully going to be involved in some festivals this summer creating live art or being part of a workshop. I'd like to do another exhibition in Summer so I'm currently looking around Manchester and London for some great spaces which will hopefully allow me to paint and draw on the walls a bit as I'd love to create a Wunderkammer Cabinet of Curiosities. I've a couple of large projects currently going to print so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished printed products. I've been writing a story called The Shadow Catcher for several months and I'm currently turning it into a small book which I'd love to start selling in book shops. My plans for the future are to apply my artwork to more fashion based avenues such as wallpaper and fabric designs. In January I created a limited edition range of handpainted Nightowl t-shirts as I want to create my own Nightowl clothing line.

To see and buy pieces of the art for Japan, click here, here, here and here
To read and see the story I'm writing illustrating, see here


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