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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creaturemag Art

Every other week I create a new illustration for Creaturemag which is inspired by the theme 'Happy Friday'. Here's a selection of the recent pieces I've created:

Pipe Dreams:

Spooky Sandwich:

Wizz Pop Wizz Bang:

Infinite Arms:

The Entertainer:

Fainting Spells:

The Tree Of Terror:

The Wandering Degenerate Dances:

This is one of four images I created with illustrator Kate Eggleston-Wirtz for a fun collaboration. I drew the one above and here's my explanation about the illustrations concept: “Here’s a snowy scene of robotic monsters (a Nightowl and a Yeti) enjoying their Christmas evening in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, wandering the cliffs in a merry and very drunk state. They’re dancing aimlessly and degeneratively to loud music a Christmas pudding is blasting out of his gramophone speakers.”


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