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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Robot Monster Packages

Yesterday I hid 5 limited edition Robot Monster packages in Telford's Warehouse in Chester, and if you find one you can keep it! (Full address below) Each one is full of postcards, stickers, paper cut outs, a drawing of a robot monster on an old match packet, and even a miniature Nightowl 'happy new year' hand drawn card.

There are 4 hidden near my artwork in the main gallery and 1 near the entrance. I made 10 in total last October as part of Monster Week and I posted 5 to people in England and Denmark.

Telford’s Warehouse
Canal Basin,
Tower Wharf,

This is what they look like:

Example of the contents:

Spooky musical skull masks:

Handmade Monster Week stickers:

Hand cut out spooky paper snowflake bats:

Robotic Fish:

Glow in the dark robot spiders:

The spiders glowing:

Putting the packages together:

The finished packages:


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