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Friday, November 19, 2010


On Wednesday I went to see a Goldfrapp show in the Manchester Academy. It was massively inspiring, fun and I couldn't believe how awesome Alison's voice is live. Their performance and stage set was otherworldly and quite robotic and spacey. When I got home I couldn't resist to draw a picture inspired by the evening...

I decided to call it 'Dreaming' as watching the show felt like floating in a dream. Also, I based some of the ideas within the image on their song 'Dreaming'. In particular the lyrics "Over through a dark and gentle sea, open into portal seventeen". I wanted to capture the ethereal quality of Alison's voice and the feathery swirls of her costumes and hair. I also wanted to include myself and my ace photographer friend Joel into the picture, so the two red details (with cogs) in the bottom left corner are us. The rectangle is Joel's top hat and the semi-circle is my bowler hat.

This is us on the night... trying out some new ceramic mooostachio's...

This is me Nikki Pinder aka Pikki Ninder

This is Joel Prince, or how I now like to call him "Leoj Ecnirp"

Some yum Burrito food we ate for dinner... and the red glasses I nearly lost in a book shop...

Here are lots of pictures of the show so you can see where the inspiration for the drawing came from. I even selected some of the colours I used from the photos to create a similar atmosphere. I think the outfits Alison wore looked amazing and they really helped to exaggerate her movements on stage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Picture Post

I've started a new postcard project called 'Picture Post' whereby I create a new drawn/collaged postcard design each month, and I'll post the original to the person who thinks of the most interesting title for each image. On the reverse of each card I'll number, sign and write both my title for the piece and the version suggested by the winner so the two narratives can be compared.

This is a continuation from my Pinder Postcard project started last May : nikkipinder.blogspot.com/2010/05/pinder-postcards.html

The first design I've created can be seen in the photograph below:

I've also created two colour versions to give more inspiration:

If you would like to take part and suggest a title to possibly win the first postcard drawing, please email your title idea to : hello@nikkipinder.co.uk with the words "Picture Postcard 1" in the subject heading. Please also write your full name or the name you would like me to announce you as online. If you would like to stay anonymous just write 'anon'. I'll announce the winner and all the submitted titles on this blog a week after each postcard design has been displayed online. So the last day to submit a title for Picture Postcard number 1 is Tuesday 23rd November at 9pm.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Shadow Catcher

This is a short story I've written about a new character I've drawn called 'Leoj Ecnirp'. His professional title is 'The Shadow Catcher'...but he likes to work in secret so please don't tell too many people. You can also follow his stories on Creaturemag: www.creaturemag.com

Here's Leoj Ecnirp...

This is his story...

The Shadow Catcher

Leoj Ecnirp was a man of mystery
People wrote tales about his history
His hat and cape suggested magic
His eyes appeared kaleidoscopic
Wheels and stars spun around his beard
A bird even dangled from his head
But the towns people were all mistaken
The abstract stories they had been baking
Were nothing close to the truth at all
He was simply a Photographer
Who had captured their fall

Story and illustration © Nikki Pinder 2010