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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Secret Art Project - Hidden Artwork No. 3

To find the third hidden piece of artwork you will need to walk towards Abbey Square which is next to Chester Cathedral. If you need directions, you can find a map by clicking this link: Nightowl Map

Find the Town Hall on Northgate Street, and if you turn to face away from the Town Hall, you will see Chester Cathedral directly in front. The Town Hall is the large building in the photo below with a tall steeple and clock.

Turn to your left and walk down the path where you should pass a giant plant man with a watering can...

You will pass the old 'Westminster Coach and Motor Car Works' building which is now the city library...

Further down the road on the right you should see an old barber shop, but don't pass this as you will have gone too far...

Find the sandstone arch entrance to Abbey Square and walk inside. Follow the cobbled road round the central grass circle....

...and walk towards the tall rectangular building (in photo below) which has a sign on the front saying 'ABBEY SQUARE'.

To find the hidden piece of artwork you will need to walk past the light green front door and look in the bushes on the corner of the house which meets with 'Abbey Street'.

It's somewhere hidden in the bushes on the street corner which you can see in the photo below. You will find it right of the drain pipe and underneath the signs which read 'ABBEY STREET' and 'Unadopted'.


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