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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Secret Art Project - Hidden Artwork No. 2

To find the second hidden piece of artwork you will need to walk down to the River Dee. If you need directions, you can find a map by clicking this link: Nightowl Map

Follow the river on the left hand side, past the boats and benches until you reach the large white bridge...

...and the heart painted Rhino...

Walk in the direction the Rhino is facing and follow the cobbled road round to the left until you reach the back gate entrance to the Grosvenor Park, and walk into the park. Follow the path until you reach a very old stone arch....

...which has a green wooden sign saying "Arch From West Door Of Old St. Michael's Church".

Walk under this arch and look for a tiny cave oven type cove which you will see built into one of the walls of this old church. The piece of artwork is hidden inside this miniature cave.

If you see this arch....

...and still haven't found the mini cave, you have walked too far down the path so walk back under this arch...

...and keep looking for the artwork package.

You can see the miniature stone cave which has the piece of artwork hidden inside, in one of these photos!!


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