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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pinder Postcard Competition!

I would like to give away a set of 8 signed and limited edition printed postcards featuring 8 different pieces of my artwork for a Pinder Postcard Competition! This is for all of the 35 people who have so far won one of my hand drawn and collaged Pinder Postcards.

These are the 8 postcards you will win which are 15 x 10 cm in size:

They are each signed at the back:

To enter, I would like you to send me the most inventive, fun, creative, funny, silly photograph of you and your illustrated postcard that you can create! I would also like you to be in the photograph with your postcard!

Send your entries as a jpeg (preferably 300 DPI) to my email address: hello[at]nikkipinder[dot]co[dot]uk

Here's the front of the pinder postcard prize pack:

...and also the back:

The deadline for submitting is October 1st 2010 and I will announce the winner when I've chosen my favourite photo from all the entries. I will send the winner the set of signed postcards and also post their winning photograph on my blog and web pages so everyone can see it's coolness :-)

All the photographs I've already received of Pinder Postcards I am accepting as submissions, so I will also take those into consideration when choosing my favourite photo.

Here are some previous entries I've already received so you can get some ideas of what you could create in your photo composition:

Some more ideas are that you could stand somewhere amazing such as next to one of your favourite landmarks in your town, city or country. Do a hand stand with the postcard balanced on your toe. Hold the postcard whilst doing a bungee jump or skydive. Hold it up during a gig or festival whilst in the crowd...

...Take a picture of it on top of a mountain. Put it in the window of a racing car on a racing track. Hold it whilst trapezing during a circus act, or whilst performing on a stage in front of a crowd. You could even take a photograph of the postcard whilst standing with someone you admire such as a musician, actor or writer. Hold it whilst in costume...

However you think would be the most fun and creative way to show your Pinder Postcard. I can't wait to see the new postcard photographs!! :-)


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