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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brixton, London Cinema / Bar A3 Flyer

A couple of weeks ago I created a piece of artwork for Creaturemag called "Ship Mate" which you can see below. Yesterday I was invited to have this piece featured inside an A3 listings flyer for a Cinema / Bar in Brixton, London, called "The Ritzy". The flyer is a live music listings for the upstairs bar which is called "Upstairs At The Ritzy". It is going to be released at the start of September and there will be around 1000 printed.

For more info, here are a couple of links about Upstairs at the Ritzy:



You can see this piece of artwork online here: http://www.creaturemag.com/happy-friday-30-07-10

I also created a new illustration last week for Creaturemag's Happy Friday feature, which you can see below, and this one's titled "Marshmallow Dreamers".

You can see this piece of artwork online here: http://www.creaturemag.com/happy-friday-with-nikki-pinder-13-08-2010


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