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Friday, August 20, 2010

Acupuncture Art Competition

Last weekend I drew a new piece of artwork which I've entered into a competition run by Acupuncture Clothing. This is what they stated in their brief:

"As a brand from London, we love to connect with artists, musicians and designers practicing their talents in the UK and London. This year we would like to invite artists to submit artwork that could be used on t-shirts and shoes Theme: The essence of London: What is the spirit, character and feeling that London as a city evokes? We would like to know from artists what London means to them through their art. We certainly feel that the attitude of Acupuncture (Be Yourself, Cool Rebellion, Crazy, Energy, Music) are also rooted in London, is it the same for you?"

I submitted the illustration below and applied it to various t-shirt and trainer templates. This piece is called "Deep Blue Sea".


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