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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Secret Art Project - Hidden Artwork No. 1

I've hidden four pieces of handmade artwork in various places in Chester as part of my Secret Art Project:

I've also created this project in support of the solo exhibition I'll be having in Telford's Warehouse, Chester in a month (see poster below):

Secret art package number one is hidden somewhere next to The Roman Hypocaust, which can be found inside the Roman gardens. The Roman gardens are located just outside the city walls near the Newgate and Chester Amphitheatre. Access is free and open to all. http://www.chestertourist.com/romangarden.htm

If you need directions, you can find a map by clicking this link: Nightowl Map

Photos of Secret art package number one:

Walk towards the Newgate bridge...

...and just to the right after you walk underneath you will see the entrance to the Roman Gardens....

Enter and follow the path down towards The Roman Hypocaust where you will find the Secret Art package number one.

Follow this path down towards The Roman Hypocaust:

The garden in front of The Roman Hypocaust:

You can have a sit down on the benches and eat some sandwiches:

The Roman Hypocaust is the large square platform structure with five central stone pillars, which was once a Roman system of underfloor heating:

You will find the Secret Art gift package somewhere around The Roman Hypocaust. Whoever finds it, please can you email me to let me know you have located it, so I can let people know when it's no longer there. My email address is: hello[at]nikkipinder[dot]co[dot]uk

Friday, August 27, 2010

Desert of Dreams

This is a new piece of artwork I've created inside an old British made cigarette box which I think is from the 1940's period. I've called it 'Desert of Dreams' and it's part of a collection of 'Secret Art Boxes' I have been creating for my next exhibition.

I drew and the majority of the details with various black fineliners, and I also added areas and patterns of white and black gouache paint to create depth and texture.

Here are some photographs to show how the piece developed:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Acupuncture Art Competition

Last weekend I drew a new piece of artwork which I've entered into a competition run by Acupuncture Clothing. This is what they stated in their brief:

"As a brand from London, we love to connect with artists, musicians and designers practicing their talents in the UK and London. This year we would like to invite artists to submit artwork that could be used on t-shirts and shoes Theme: The essence of London: What is the spirit, character and feeling that London as a city evokes? We would like to know from artists what London means to them through their art. We certainly feel that the attitude of Acupuncture (Be Yourself, Cool Rebellion, Crazy, Energy, Music) are also rooted in London, is it the same for you?"

I submitted the illustration below and applied it to various t-shirt and trainer templates. This piece is called "Deep Blue Sea".

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brixton, London Cinema / Bar A3 Flyer

A couple of weeks ago I created a piece of artwork for Creaturemag called "Ship Mate" which you can see below. Yesterday I was invited to have this piece featured inside an A3 listings flyer for a Cinema / Bar in Brixton, London, called "The Ritzy". The flyer is a live music listings for the upstairs bar which is called "Upstairs At The Ritzy". It is going to be released at the start of September and there will be around 1000 printed.

For more info, here are a couple of links about Upstairs at the Ritzy:



You can see this piece of artwork online here: http://www.creaturemag.com/happy-friday-30-07-10

I also created a new illustration last week for Creaturemag's Happy Friday feature, which you can see below, and this one's titled "Marshmallow Dreamers".

You can see this piece of artwork online here: http://www.creaturemag.com/happy-friday-with-nikki-pinder-13-08-2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Postcard Project Pinder Post Photos

Here are some close up photos of postcard 34 'Queen of Hearts' which I drew with black fineliner, painted with watercolour and gouache, and added some pencil crayon highlights.

I'm posting this one tomorrow with the remainder of the new set of illustrated postcards I've recently finished creating, all of which you can see below.

When you recieve a postcard, please can you take a photograph of it in a place you love, and you can also choose to be in the photo if you'd like to be! If anyone still has some photos of older postcards I've already sent out, please send them to me as I'd love to show them! Thank you.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

'Do As I Say Not As I Do' Single Artwork

A month before Ed Harcourt's Lustre album was released, I had to create a series of promo CDs which were sent to various radio, TV and film companies. I created a selection of sleeve designs for the 'Do As I Say Not As I do' single as it was the first song to be released from the album.

These are some of the cover designs I created:

This is the design I created for the CD onbody:

These are the designs I created for the back cover:

For more info about Ed Harcourt and the Lustre album, here are the previous blogs I've written which document the creation of the album artwork:

Ed Harcourt Lustre Album Artwork

Piano Wolf Recordings Logo

Ed Harcourt Lustre Album Drawings and Typography

Here's Ed's website: www.edharcourt.com