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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Mind Mechanics

Last week I created two new illustrations for Creaturemag's Happy Friday feature based around the themes of mechanical robotic android people creatures who have small humans living inside and controlling their minds. As I needed to leave home at 6am Thursday morning to catch a train to London for my weekend destination of Latitude festival, Matt Witt the magazine creator kindly posted the illustrations online for me on Friday.

You can see both illustrations and the magazine web post by clicking this link: http://www.creaturemag.com/happy-friday-18-with-nikki-pinder

The first drawing is a robotic introduction to my new picture story idea called "The Mind Mechanics". The inspiration for this idea came from a large project I’ve been working on for a couple of years under the name of “The Mechanics of the Mind”. It's also the title of my next solo exhibition which will be starting in a couple of months, so I partly created these to start introducing this concept to people. I'm planning to create a series of drawings under this title to develop a picture story/comical strip body of work.

Happy Friday! (For last Friday)

Above you can see the second Mind Mechanics illustration I created last week for Creaturemag. It's the spider legged ear snaked curly haired upside down spiral top hatted wheel footed gramophone eared music man who liked to tour small beer festivals and perform at side shows in the 1890's. Unfortunately all photographic evidence and records of his existence were destroyed in a house fire in the 1950's, so this picture is all that's now left to show how great he was.


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