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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pinder Postcard No. 18

Postcard eighteen was initially the first CD cover typography idea I drew whilst thinking of style ideas for Ed Harcourt's new album 'Lustre'. I didn't use it in the end so I thought it'd be good to colour it in with pencil crayons and include it into the postcard project.

I sent this postcard to a lovely lady who lives in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. She told me that she decided to take it to her favourite place, the beach, and watched the sunrise over the ocean.

Here are the photos which she took:

I think these are beautiful photos, thank you for sending them to me!

For more info about Ed's music see: www.edharcourt.com

For more info about the postcard project click here: Pinder Postcards

Friday, June 25, 2010

Postcard Photo

I've received another photograph of a Pinder postcard:

This is 'Twisted Ican' who kindly took a photo of himself and the postcard he received from me, after playing a gig.... and he appears to be taking a bite out of it! It was the first postcard I made in the series, which I posted to Jakarta, Indonesia and you can see a close up of the drawing below:

To read more about the project and see more photos of this design, click here: Restless Heart


For the past two months I've been creating pieces of artwork for Creaturemag with only the words 'Happy Friday' for inspiration. I've really been enjoying this project as it gives me a great opportunity to explore different ideas and be completely free with my style.

I've just created a new pattern design called 'Sparks':

This illustration will be featured on the Creaturemag website next friday. The drawing reflects human connections and sparks of friendship and affection between people.

Two weeks ago I created a piece of artwork for the Happy Friday feature called 'Catch The Sun', and you can see the web post here: Catch The Sun

To briefly explain what it’s about; the machine like creature represents a person wanting to escape from their monotonous and robotic day of work, feeling locked away in a grey depressing office, so they are dreaming of breaking out into the blazing sun. Catching the sun is a metaphor for leaving work early and capturing the last happy hours in the hot sun with friends and a few beers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interview with Deer Brains

I've been interviewed by Deer Brains!!

Here's the link if you'd like to have a read:


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Private Universe

This drawing is my second artwork submission for the next issue of 'Doodlezine'. The theme they have given is 'Imaginary Worlds' and I've decided to call my piece 'Private Universe'.

I drew this piece throughout the last month, taking it pretty much everywhere with me so I was inspired my many different experiences, emotions, locations and people.

The main inspiration behind the drawing is a song called 'Eclipse' by Joshua Whitehouse, who is one half of the brilliant 'Fran & Josh'. You can hear the song here: soundcloud.com/lights_out/eclipse

They've just released a single on itunes called 'Don't Duck It' which you can download here: www.mtv.co.uk/artists/fran-and-josh. You can also download their 'Days Like These' song for free via this link: http://franandjosh.bandcamp.com/track/days-like-these

Here are some photos I took whilst creating the drawing:

For more info about Doodlezine, here's their website: cargocollective.com/Doodlezine blog: www.doodlezine.blogspot.com and shop: www.doodlezine.bigcartel.com

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pinder Postcard No. 17

The inspiration for this collage came after listening to another song by Marmaduke Duke. I love the crazy first song on their second studio album 'Duke Pandemonium', which is called 'Heartburn'. For some reason when Simon Neil starts singing in the beginning it always makes me think of Donna Summer's amazing song 'I Feel Love'.

I'm sending the seventeenth postcard to a lady in California:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Postcard No. 15 & 16

For the fifteenth and sixteenth postcards I decided to make a large illustration and cut it in half to create two postcards and two separate parts of a whole story. I thought this would be a fun way that two people from different parts of the world could share a half of the story each. The combined image is called "Lucid Dreamer".

Postcard fifteen is the top section which I'm sending to a gentleman in South Africa:

Postcard sixteen is the bottom section which I'm sending to a lady in Florida:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Pinder Postcard No. 14

I decided to call the fourteenth postcard 'Barricades' because the inspiration for the drawing came after listening to a song of the same name, by one of my favourite musicians, Fyfe Dangerfield.

I've been listening to his 'Fly Yellow Moon' album lots this past week as it's really beautiful and I already feel like it's one of the best albums I have ever heard. I particularly love the fifth song 'Faster Than The Setting Sun'. Plus, coincidentally this morning I receieved a text asking if I'd like a ticket to go and see him play live in Manchester in September, so my day just got a hundred times better :)

Here's the finished Barricades postcard which I'm sending to a gentleman in South Africa:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Pinder Postcard No. 13

I'm sending the thirteenth postcard to a gentleman in Arizona:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Pinder Postcard No. 12

The inspiration for this drawing came into my mind whilst I was listening to a song by 'Marmaduke Duke'. The song is called 'Kid Gloves' and the words "You've got a whole lot of mystery" is my favourite line from the song.

I'm sending the postcard to a lady in California:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Pinder Postcard No. 11

Here's the eleventh postcard which I sent to a lady in Suffolk, England:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Pinder Postcard No. 10

Here's the tenth postcard which I sent to a lady in Wales:

For more info about the project click here: Pinder Postcards

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Alternative Ending

I just received the first photographed Pinder Postcard:

This is "The Alternative Ending" drawing and it ended up near Richmond riverside in the south of England.