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Friday, February 19, 2010

Robot Monsters

Here are 25 handmade limited edition Robot Monster badge gift sets. The concept behind the badge consists of several cardboard body parts attached by velcro to a hand drawn and collaged robotic monster badge head. They're detachable so they can be moved and rearranged enabling you to create your very own crazy creature. Also, as the body parts are black and white you can colour them in to further customize them in your very own unique way.

Each gift set contains:

1 x Robot Monster badge head
Several cardboard velcro body parts
1 x A5 piece of green hand made paper
1 x Hand drawn textured green card topper
1 x Small piece of thick black card
1 x Piece of thick garden string
1 x Hand drawn Robot Monster luggage label
1 x A5 and 2 x A6 prints of my rude robot drawings which can be coloured in
2 x Large hand drawn hollographic robotic stickers
2 x Small spacemen and alien stickers

You can see the three rude robot drawings in full colour here:

Here's some pictures of the individual badges before they were packaged:

Here's a photo break down of how I created the Robot Monsters:

Creating the miniature collages:

Turning the collages into badges:

The first five completed badges:

The complete set of badges before packaging:

The cut out body parts which are black and white so you can colour them in:

Constructing the robot monsters:

Some finished robot monsters:

The first ten finished badges:

Making the hollographic hand drawn stickers:

There's 50 in total and they're all unique:

All the finished badges:

Making the monster skin packaging tops:

I wrote each tag by hand with a thick paint pen and blew onto the ink hard to create an ink splatter and dripping paint effect:

I also painted onto the backs too:

Cutting out the printed rude robot illustrations:

Starting to package all the contents:

I sewed the black card badge back to the green textured paper to keep the badge suspended neatly when on display in the cellophane wrapper:

Cutting out the swing tag name stickers:

Measuring lots of pieces of thick garden string for the luggage labels:

Drawing monsters on the backs of the luggage tags:

Final touches before stapelling everything together:

The finished Robot Monsters in their packages:

All the finished gift packages:


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