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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little Horrors

These are 50 handmade limited edition badge gift sets I created last Summer inspired by the brilliant bands The Horrors and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. They're a fun package of nonsense for anyone who enjoys the macabre and mysterious.

This is the contents inside each gift set:

1 x Illustrated collaged poisonous badge
1 x Hand written nonsense recipe
1 x Giant hand drawn skeleton sticker
1 x Miniature hand drawn spider sticker
1 x Decorated wax sealed envelope
1 x Illustrated Nightowl Poem
2 x Miniature red ink splattered hearts
2 x Prints of my Visual Diary drawings
2 x Little Horror Pegs
1 x Skeleton leaf
1 x Plastic Bat
1 x Skeleton Key
1 x Bag of 'Bad Seeds'

Here are some photos to demonstrate how I made the poisonous gift sets:

These were the first finished miniature badge collages:

Half the finished badge collages with their plant names:

Making the badges with the badge machine:

This was the first batch of finished badges:

Some of the collaged badges with their poisonous plant names:

All 50 of the finished badges:

All of the finished badges in their bags:

Making the toppers for the badges:

The finished badges in their packages:

Contents of the gift sets:

Hand drawn skeleton stickers:

Cutting out two prints of my illustrations:

Making the Little Horror hand written pegs:

Making the bad seeds:

Writing the nonsense recipes:

Allowing them to dry:

Organizing them into their correct envelopes:

Making skeleton key tags:

The Little Horror stickers:

The bats:

Writing the poisonous plant names on the envelopes:

Wax sealing the envelopes:

The finished badge gift packages before the details were added:

Adding the Letraset, sticker and stamp details to the envelopes:

Adding little red toxic tags:

Making a skeleton stamp:

The finished envelopes being left to dry:

The finished badge gift packages after the details were added:


Blogger Jesline said...

Can i know where do u buy that badge machine it look so cute!!!

October 18, 2010 3:50 AM  
Blogger Nikki Pinder said...

I bought it from Woolworths years ago which no longer exists but I think you can still buy them or something similar from Amazon

November 09, 2010 9:56 AM  

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