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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Paper Cuts

I've invented a cure for broken hearts : lovesick lucky medals to be worn with pride. I created these for the Anti-Valentine's Day Massacre which took place in the Notting Hill Arts Club on the 14th February 2009.

I decided to call them 'The Paper Cuts' because :

1. Having a broken heart feels like you have a painful unseen wound.
2. I made them all completely by hand cutting paper out with scissors.
3. I incurred several paper cuts whilst making them.

The concept behind them is that by wearing one you show to the world that you have loved someone and perhaps the relationship has ended, but you can love again. The lucky old penny cunningly hidden at the back of the broken heart will give you lots of luck for future love. They are all completely handmade and they're a numbered limited edition of 48.

Here are some photographs to demonstrate how I made the brooches :

Drawing the broken hearts freehand with Indian Ink on medium surface heavy weight cartridge paper:

Splattering the cut out broken hearts with red ink:

Cutting out the hearts:

Attaching the hearts to old music paper, as music is a healer of the heart:

And re-cutting them out:

The music paper backs of the broken hearts:

Making the square cards for the tops of the medal brooches:

Attaching the broken hearts to the brooch tops with textured ribbon:

Writing the brooch number and signing the back of the card top:

Making and attaching the small red broken hearts to the card tops:

Attaching the crocodile clip safety pins to the backs of the card tops:

The finished front views of the brooches:

The finished back views of the brooches:

The finished (pre-packaged) brooches:

Here are some photographs showing the finished Broken Heart Lucky Brooches :

I cut out and wrapped everything completely by hand:

Hand printed hammer finish bright white envelopes:

The first three finished packaged brooches:

Starting to package the remaining broken heart brooches:

The finished Paper Cuts:


Anonymous Spoo-Bear said...

I want them all!! Such a beautifully abstract idea. I beleive we may share a brain...

March 24, 2010 8:05 AM  

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