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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eat Me, Drink Me

I created these secret art badge gift sets last summer to promote Amanda Palmers first solo tour, and they were sold through the Post War Trade merchandise website. There were twenty four limited edition handmade miniature canvas badges each accompanied by a vintage matchbox full of fun artifacts. The concept behind the sets and the name 'Eat me, drink me' was about self love and acceptance for who you are.

How I made the badges and gift packs:

The finished collaged badges:

I found lots of old match boxes initially to package the badges, but later I decided to put small items into the boxes so they became secret boxes:

Experimenting with plastic wrap packaging:

Making the contents for the matchboxes:

Each box contained:

6 x Post War Trade stickers
2 x hand cut hearts
1 x old English stamp
1 x Handmade By Nikki Pinder mini card
1 x Wire heart
1 x English penny (lucky)
4 x Buttons
1 x Amanda Fucking Palmer Dymo sticker
1 x page of info about PWT
1 x safety pin with coloured beads
1 x Jewel

Making the AFP Dymo stickers (nearly got an RSI making these!):

Making the wire hearts:

Putting all the contents into each match box:

Making the hand cut type for the packaging from old newspapers and magazines:

Cutting out and folding the PWT information sheets to go inside the match boxes:

Making the Swing tag labels from cartridge paper:

Writing on the 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' type with Indian Ink:

Splattering on red ink:

Gluing together the swing tags:

Cutting out the AFP toppers:

Starting to put the badge gift packs together:

Connecting the swing tags and toppers together and putting the badges onto card:

The first two completely finished badge gift packs:

All the 24 finished gift packs:

Packaging the gift packs into tissue paper:

Adding the information stickers and details:


Blogger romvise said...

I loved it

May 18, 2010 10:45 AM  
Blogger yogesh said...


This is yogesh here from India. I have been through your blog and innovative use of match box is really impressive. Really kewl.
I am a matchbox collector from India having over 4000labels in my colelction.Was just wondering is there any help or contribution in terms of matchboxes would be of great help. Or if you know someone who can help me in this will be nice.

congrats again for your tiny gifts.



August 12, 2010 6:19 AM  

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