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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Drawing Inspiration Gift Sets

These are 40 handmade drawing tips gift sets, each containing:

1 x Drawing tips book
1 x Print of my artwork
1 x Piece of vintage paper
4 x Pieces of handmade coloured paper (for collage/drawing on)
1 x Hand drawn envelope

I've included the small customized envelope so you can optionally give the book away to a friend as a gift.

Here's some photos to show you how I put them together and what's inside:

Making the books:

Making the double sided swing tags:

Cutting out the textured paper for drawing or collaging on:

Hand drawn customized brown envelopes - each one is different:

The inside details:

A book with it's envelope:

All the completed books:

Some examples of what's inside the gift packages:

The finished books in their packages with the added contents:


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