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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carry Your Heart Brooches

I've invented a cure for broken hearts : lovesick lucky medals to be worn with pride. I created these for the Anti-Valentine's Day Massacre which took place in the Notting Hill Arts Club on the 14th February 2009.

The hearts have the words love or hate collaged onto each section to make reference to the bitter sweet aspects of love. Also they look like two people kissing when sat side by side.

The concept behind them is that by wearing one you show to the world that you have loved someone and perhaps the relationship has ended, but you can love again. The lucky old penny cunningly hidden at the back of the broken heart will give you lots of luck for future love. They are all completely handmade and they're a numbered limited edition of 24.

Here are some photographs to show you how I made them :

Making the badge backs from old champagne corks cut with a pad saw:

Marking out the hearts with pencil on thick card:

Painting the hearts with acrylic paint:

Cutting out the hearts freehand:

The hearts stop to kiss for a few minutes:

Adding the love and hate old newspaper type:

Varnishing the broken hearts:

The finished broken hearts being left to dry:

Attaching the badge pins, naming, numbering and signing each broken heart:

Adding the old half penny coins with a glue gun:

Individually hand stamping the brown envelopes and adding old British stamps:

The envelope gift packaging being left to dry:

The finished broken hearts and brown envelopes:

Contents for the gift packs :

Writing good wish messages on the backs of hand cut butterflies:

Writing love messages on the backs of old 1920's photographs:

Writing the 'how to cure a broken heart' wax sealed envelopes:

Drawings of Night Owls:

Information about how to cure a broken heart contained in the envelopes:

Wax sealing the envelopes:

The various contents of the gift packs ready to be put inside the cellophane bags:

Putting all the contents into the cellophane bags:

Fronts and backs:

Completing the packaging with the paper toppers:

The finished 'Carry Your Heart' broken heart gift packs


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